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Acylation Reagents MBTFA For GC Macherey-Nagel 701410.110

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Acylation Reagents MBTFA For GC Macherey-Nagel 701410.110
Acylation Reagents MBTFA For GC Macherey-Nagel 701410.110
PART NO. 4AJ-7510796
List Price: €140.00

Acylation reagents for GC - Bisacylamides
Description MBTFA
Capacity 10ml
Pack of 1 x 10ml

Acylation reagents for GC - Bisacylamides
Derivatisation reagents

for improved volatility, better thermal stability or low limit of detection in gas chromatography prerequisite: quantitative, rapid and reproducible formation of only on derivative halogen atoms introduced by derivatisation (e.g. trifluoroacetates) allow specific detection (ECD) with the advantage of high sensitivity elution order and fragmentation patterns in MS can be influenced by a specific derivatisation
reagents for silylation - alkylation (methylation) - acylation are available

These products contain harmful substances which must be specially labelled as hazardous. For detailed information please see the MSDS.
Acylation with fluorinated acid amides is recommended for alcohols, primary and secondary amines as well as for thiols under mild, neutral conditions. MBTFA also forms very volatile derivatives with carbohydrates.

by-products: corresponding neutral acylamides, which can be easily removed due to their high volatility; because of neutral conditions and favourable chromatographic properties often removal of the bisacylamide is not necessary. Thus sample preparation is much more convenient.

N-methyl-bis(trifluoroacetamide) MBTFA
m.w. 223.08, Bp 123 - 124°C (760mm Hg), density d20°/4° = 1.55,
CF3 - CO - N(CH3) - CO - CF3

Product Specification:
Product Description: MBTFA
Capacity: 10ml

Manufacturer P/n701410.110
VWR RefMANA701410.110
Capacity10 ml
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Acylation reagents

GC acylation reagents, MBTFA

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